Plant Nerd to President, Meet Kim Jenkins.

Hello, Cumberland Landscape Group Visitor I’m Kim Jenkins, Cumberland Landscape Group’s new president—it’s nice to meet you. I may not look like your typical landscaper, but I’m a plant nerd at heart with over 23 years of experience. Growing up, I loved the outdoors. My family and I were avid campers and we always spent […]

Why is My Grass Yellow?

June in Atlanta accumulated close to 8 inches of rainfall, while July accumulated less than 3 inches. While you were enjoying these hot sunny days, you may have noticed your lawn was not. Many property managers and business owners may have noticed their grass going yellow. Yellow grass is often a result of heat stress, […]

How to Build a Landscape RFP

There are so many things to consider when planning your budget for the upcoming year. Make sure your property’s landscape is a top priority. Hiring the most qualified and competitive company that also fits into your budget can be tough. With the perfect landscape Request for Proposal, you can achieve just that. Here is what […]

Tips For Locating the Right Commercial Landscaper

Investing in a landscape upgrade for your commercial property brings many benefits. Whether your building apartments, retail businesses, or professional facilities, you should see an uptick in new tenant inquiries and retention of current renters. Residents, visitors, customers, and employees will enjoy the soothing beauty of nature as they go about their business. With so […]

Get Ready for April Showers With a Rain Garden

If you’re struggling to deal with stormwater runoff at your business, a rain garden could be the solution. This irrigation technique prevents flooding and adds natural beauty to your landscape while benefiting local aquifers. What Is a Rain Garden? In its simplest form, a rain garden is just a shallow depression constructed in the earth […]

How To Improve Your Property’s Landscaping for Spring

As the temperature starts to get warmer, you want to be certain your commercial property’s landscape is ready for the change in weather. You should have maintained your lawn during the winter to keep it in good health, and now with the sun staying out longer each day, you’ll want to do the following to […]

Invest in Your Business and Establish Your Landscaping

Running your business from the inside gives you plenty to think about, so you may never have time to think about what your commercial property looks like from the outside. This is why it is important to invest in your business and establish your landscaping today. The lack of time and attention you spend on […]

Insect and Disease Prevention

As beneficial and necessary as rainfall and watering are for a healthy lawn, it is also important to monitor the presence of moisture. Step one of monitoring health is ensuring the lawn is properly irrigated. Using something as easy as a screwdriver, probe the lawn six to eight inches. If this is done easily, you […]

Shrub Showdown: Shearing vs Pruning

Shrub Showdown: Shearing vs Pruning People like pretty plants, and they’re willing to go to great lengths to maintain control over the shape and scope of their development. We do this through pruning and shearing, which to the surprise of many are two entirely different actions, and knowing when and how to employ each will […]