Follow your Path: Endless Options for a Stone Walkway

Choosing a design for a garden path or stone walkway can be overwhelming. There are endless options when it comes to both the material and design. But, no matter what you choose, adding a stone walkway to your landscape will dramatically enhance it.

“There’s something about a path forged from stone that instantly brings to mind visions of enchanting gardens and cute cottages. Even if you have a suburban home, you can bring that same magic to your yard by installing a stone walkway.” – Country Living

Stepping Stone Walkway

For a natural look that blends in with the surrounding landscape, stepping stone walkways are a perfect option. One can’t help but fall in love with the way stepping stones meander through a garden.

Flagstone Walkway

If you are looking for a path that is easier to walk on and more uniform, then flagstone walkways might be for you. The natural earth tones of flagstone still blend in with the landscape but the path is more defined.

Stone walkway and stone steps in front yard

Pavers Walkway

In recent years, pavers have become popular for patios and pathways. You also have many design options. Pavers offer several options in both color and pattern.

Brick Walkway

Oh, the traditional brick walkway. Truly a classic! Like pavers, there are many color and pattern choices. Some homeowners will install a brick walkway to match the brick of their home for continuity.

Gravel Walkway

For a more economical choice, gravel walkways are always an option. They blend in great with garden areas and help with drainage. You can also create edging with pavers or brick to make it more defined. A border also helps to keep the gravel on the path and not the lawn.