2023 Residential Landscaping Design Trends

With the housing market cooling, homeowners are investing more in their current homes when it comes to outdoor living. Not only does it increase your return on investment but it provides more space for relaxation and entertainment. Below are our Top 2023 Residential Landscaping Design Trends: Maximize Your Outdoor Space This year it is all […]

We are Live!

“We are excited to launch our revamped website with our newly expanded team and landscaping services in Atlanta! Our website showcases the amazing talent we have on our team at Cumberland!” -Billy Van Eaton, Founder & CEO “We are pleased to announce the launch of our brand-new website! After months of hard work and dedication, […]

2022 Landscape Design Trends

We are excited to announce our 2022 Landscape Design Trends. Last year, it was all about creating recreational and relaxation zones. This year, it doesn’t look to slow down with some new ones added. Check out our list of rising top trends: Mediterranean Style Mediterranean style combines both casual and formal elements like terra cotta […]

5 Ways to Welcome Fall

Autumn is in the air—and if you’re anything like our Plant Nerds, you’re dreaming of warm, pumpkin spice mornings, hot chocolatey evenings… and especially fall landscape maintenance! (Aren’t you?) As the growing season comes to a close, you might think it’s time to wipe the dirt off our hands, hang up our garden shears, and […]

Budget planning? Leaf it to us.

Not again! It’s August, which means property managers all over Georgia are beginning to stress over preparing the budget. We know you’re probably sweating (not just from the summer heat), juggling business objectives, tenants, and staff… not to mention making everyone happy. Allow us to check one item off your list for you. We’ve created […]

3 Steps to Boost Your Landscape Budget

It’s June, which means you’re starting to plan your 2022 annual budget. You may be wondering how you’re “here again” when you just settled into 2021. Don’t fret, our Plant Nerds can help you create a landscape budget that maximizes the value of your investment so your property shines all year long. Here’s our three-step […]

Has Your Landscaper Disappeared?

July marks the beginning of the growing season—and you need your landscaper to be responsive, attentive, and on the ball. Or at least show up. The problem is, it’s the growing season for everyone, and landscaping contractors all over Atlanta are facing the challenges of labor shortages and overbooking. We call this “disappearing landscaper” season. […]

The LexisNexis Project Revealed

Good things come to those who wait, and for LexisNexis it was the completion of their newly landscaped Alpharetta campus. As we told you last month, LexisNexis needed an honest, reliable landscape partner to redesign a neglected space, plus fix long-standing irrigation issues.  Facilities Manager Gregory Lance put his trust in our Plant Nerds and […]

Something Big Is Coming

Revitalizing a Property From Pipes to Plants As a property manager, you know there are two types of issues you face: the ones you need to address in a timely fashion—and the ones that keep you up at night. LexisNexis’ Alpharetta campus had issues that would give any property manager insomnia. So when LexisNexis sent […]

Follow your Path: Endless Options for a Stone Walkway

Choosing a design for a garden path or stone walkway can be overwhelming. There are endless options when it comes to both the material and design. But, no matter what you choose, adding a stone walkway to your landscape will dramatically enhance it. “There’s something about a path forged from stone that instantly brings to […]