2022 Landscape Design Trends

We are excited to announce our 2022 Landscape Design Trends. Last year, it was all about creating recreational and relaxation zones. This year, it doesn’t look to slow down with some new ones added. Check out our list of rising top trends:

Mediterranean Style

Mediterranean style combines both casual and formal elements like terra cotta pots, water features, topiaries, and ornamental grass. For your patio, consider a pergola for a shaded seating area, or build your hardscape around existing trees. And, add flower pots with lots of texture and color. For recreation, how about bocce ball? A bocce ball court is easy to build and everyone can enjoy it.

Gravel Paths

Speaking of gravel, gravel paths are becoming more popular this year, but not just because they are considered economical. Gravel paths are both elegant and versatile blending beautifully with your softscape. They also assist with drainage. We recommend pea gravel for most paths but slate chips can be used as well. You can also add stoned pavers to create a more defined look.


Did you know that a 2021 study by the NAR found that 43% of people would be willing to move to better accommodate their pets? Most are looking for a larger outdoor space for both relaxation and exercise. When planning out your pet-friendly landscape design, consider a hardscape to reduce urine spots, a water source for drinking, and non-toxic plants.

Leafy and Low-maintenance

At the 2021 Chelsea Flower show, ferns, evergreens, and grasses were the most popular plants and they look to be a top 2022 Landscaping trend as well. Green symbolizes refreshment and peace. Adding different hues of green create a soothing ambiance in your garden. Not to mention plants like ornamental grass and evergreens are very easy to maintain.

Waterfall with bridge in backyard

Defining Zones

Creating an extension of your indoors into your backyard is not slowing down anytime soon. From covered patios to having an area designated for fireside chats, creating additional rooms in your backyard adds square footage to your home. Not to mention the popularity of outdoor home offices continues to rise due to the pandemic. That being said, you want to make sure your zones blend well with your softscaping. Adding elevation and new flowerbeds softens the look of hardscaping.

Fire pit with stone patio

Cutting Gardens

Who doesn’t love fresh cut flowers in the home? Creating a cutting garden with annuals that bloom every year is perfect for this. You no longer have to go to the store to purchase ones. Zinnia, Cosmos, Larkspur, and verbena are just a few annuals that are considered perfect for cutting.