Something Big Is Coming

Revitalizing a Property From Pipes to Plants

As a property manager, you know there are two types of issues you face: the ones you need to address in a timely fashion—and the ones that keep you up at night. LexisNexis’ Alpharetta campus had issues that would give any property manager insomnia. So when LexisNexis sent out an SOS for a reliable, trustworthy commercial landscaper, our Plant Nerds answered the call. Here’s a sneak peek of the project:

Well Pump Challenges

  • Problem: A compromised bladder tank, severely damaged above and below ground pipes, plus a non-functioning pump filtration system that allowed tons of sludge into the system.
  • Solution: Installation of a new, budget-friendly bladder tank, new pipes, and an updated pump filtration system that functions properly.

Irrigation Challenges

  • Problem: A traditional 15-year-old wired irrigation system that didn’t irrigate all the planted areas on the premises.
  • Solution: Upgraded to a 2-wire system that was not only cost effective, but also offered expansion capabilities to accommodate additional irrigation zones—which were added to the property.

Landscape Challenges

  • Problem: Unattractive, neglected landscaping which included original plant material that was no longer sustainable due to environmental changes—plus a city-protected 70-year old oak with hazardous surface roots.
  • Solution: Installed beautiful, sustainable plants to bring the complex back to its original splendor. Worked with the city to carefully remove the surface roots of the oak, taking extreme caution not to damage the main feeder roots.

Stay tuned for next month’s message—we’ll reveal the incredible transformation of the LexisNexis’ Alpharetta complex. You won’t want to miss it.