Shrub Showdown: Shearing vs Pruning

Shrub Showdown: Shearing vs Pruning People like pretty plants, and they’re willing to go to great lengths to maintain control over the shape and scope of their development. We do this through pruning and shearing, which to the surprise of many are two entirely different actions, and knowing when and how to employ each will […]

Keeping a Cookout-Ready Lawn

Taking care of your Lawn in the summer can be a draining process. After a day at work, taking care of the kids, and all the details that fall in between, there is not much time to keep your dream lawn healthy. But ensuring hydration and growth of your lawn and garden is key for […]

Plant and Tree Safety at the Office

The primary goal of most commercial landscapers is to create a clean space in which people can work. In that sense, a good landscaping job means there is no division between grounds and buildings, and the plant life is maintained and kept just as clean as the indoor spaces. More important than appearances, the landscaping […]

Insect and Disease Prevention

Insecticide & Fungicide As beneficial and necessary as rainfall and watering are for a healthy lawn, it is also important to monitor the presence of moisture. Step one of monitoring health is ensuring the lawn is properly irrigated. Using something as easy as a screwdriver, probe the lawn six to eight inches. If this is done easily, […]

Watering Lawns and Plants for Healthy Growth

Finding Efficiency with your Irrigation System Atlanta summers have a lot to offer: hot days, scattered rain showers, sports, and beautiful landscapes. Amid the busy schedules of work, vacations, and enjoying the sunshine, it can be easy to forget the importance of watering your yard, garden, or plant bed. Consistent watering and monitoring of rain […]

Atlanta Grass Mowing Tips

Summer in Atlanta means different things to different people. For anyone who owns or manages a patch of grass in this fair city, that means mowing. We know – there are times where it feels like an uphill battle, and no, there are no special tricks or shortcuts you can take, but if you can […]

Atlanta Apartment Complex Landscaping – helping people feel at home

If you’re in the greater Atlanta area, chances are you’ve noticed how quickly the city has grown over the past 20 years. As people continue to move here, many of them find themselves in apartments. Apartment complex managers are tasked with making these residents feel at home, regardless of where they come from or how […]