Landscape 911: Plant Nerds To the Rescue

You know that spot on your property that makes you cringe? Maybe it’s a small, odd shaped area, or an unmovable object you need to work around. Whatever the issue may be, our Plant Nerds can help you create an attractive, functional landscape that’ll wow your tenants while staying on budget. 

Check out these recent “problem area” projects designed and executed by the Plant Nerds. Will you be our next rescue?  

A Perfect Path 

The path to our client’s building was unstable pea gravel—hard to walk on, and a potential tripping hazard. Plus, during hard rains the gravel would wash away leaving a mess that required replacement. Our Plant Nerds came up with a solution to lay a path that was safe, long-lasting, and blended into the surroundings.

An improved path

Design Meets Function

Our clients asked us to create an inviting landscape that welcomed customers and gave them easy access to the flagpole. The Plant Nerds addressed the clients’ needs by designing a slate path that gave the area function and visual interest with contrasting colors and texture. To balance the hard landscape, the Plant Nerds added perennial blooming plants, evergreen plants, and pine straw mulch. 

Design meets function