Use Your 2020 Budget Before You Lose It

When you created your 2020 budget, you maximized every line item to maintain your property and wow tenants…then COVID-19 happened. You’ve worked hard to stay on plan, but some priorities have shifted. For example, you budgeted for seasonal flowers—now with fewer people going to the office, that may not be as important.

Our Plant Nerds are here to help you make the most of your remaining landscape budget with ideas that benefit the property and tenants. 

Turf Aeration and Seeding 

Aerate compacted soil to enable nutrients, air, and water to penetrate the dirt and turf roots—then seed for a vibrant landscape. 

Tree Maintenance 

Prune damaged or dead tree limbs, remove overgrown branches that could damage the property’s building and roofline, and check for unwanted pests.

Light Installation

Illuminate pathways with in-ground lighting, replace burnt out hard-to-get-to light bulbs, and increase security in dark, isolated areas with motion lights.

Parking Lot Resurfacing 

Repair cracks that can cause a safety hazard, paint curbs for better visibility, and refresh striping to ensure proper traffic flow. 

Cumberland Landscape has the expertise to work with you on all your outdoor needs. Let’s use your budget before you lose it!