2021 Landscaping Design Trends

The return to the home has been the theme in 2020 and it continues in 2021. Extending the home to the outside is at the top of the renovation list for many homeowners. Below are Landscaping Design Trends to watch out for this year:

Privacy and more Privacy

Peace and tranquility is what many are seeking nowadays. Creating a space in your backyard where you can escape your daily routine is an excellent way to unwind. For a small yard, there are many options to consider like a vertical garden and/or a pergola. If your yard is large, consider building out a privacy enclave with trees and shrubs. And as always, evergreens can provide privacy year round.

Less is More

Nobody likes a messy yard. This is why it is important to meet with a Landscape Designer before you start planting. It can save you time and money in the long run. Your Landscape Designer can suggest a low maintenance softscape for your design. For instance, filling a yard with perennials will reduce planting every season.

Personalized Touch

The key to any space for relaxation and escape is to add your own personal touch. Make you backyard you own sanctuary with things you love most. From a water feature to a fire pit, what elements make you feel at peace?

Pops of Yellow

In 2020, blue was the color of the year and in 2021, it is bright yellow and grey. Yellow quickly grab attention and can evoke energy and cheerfulness but too much can be overwhelming. When planning out your flowers, mix and match with a few pops of yellow.

Front yard Living

Front porch living used to a be thing of the past but in 2020, it has seen a revival. With many neighbors relying on each other during the pandemic, front yard living is becoming a landscaping design trend. If you do not have a front porch, consider adding a small patio space with bistro table and chairs like this one:

The Sky’s the Limit

Taking the yard to new heights is a big trend in 2021. For instance, beautifully designed retaining walls not only prevent drainage issues but they add visual interest and privacy. Also, vertical gardens on your patio or deck soften the space and create seclusion as well.

The Edible Garden

Raised gardens and potted herbs were in demand in 2020 and they are still going strong in 2021. Not only does it help save money on groceries, but teaches children a healthy lifestyle.

Outdoor Lighting

Yes, outdoor lighting is always popular, but now it is even more so when entertaining in our new social distancing world. With many families and friends getting together outside, you want to make the area to be warm and inviting in the evenings. Our Landscape Design team can assist you with not only creating visibility in your yard but enhancing the surrounding landscape.