Landscape Maintenance and Design for Fall

From cozying up to the fire pit to taking in all the beautiful colors, Autumn is one of the best times to enjoy your backyard. Here is our Top 10 Landscape Maintenance and Design tips for getting fall Ready:

Summer Clean Up

Summer brings many thunderstorms and unruly growth of plants. Now is the time to start pruning trees with broken or dead limbs and trimming any vines and shrubs that are too close to your house. 

Also, it is a great time to pressure wash and seal your patio. It will help to clear away any moss growth and prevent leaf staining. Ask your Landscape Maintenance Team on prepping for the new season.

Stone Stone Pathway with Landscape


With the heavy summer rains, have you had any concerns regarding drainage in your yard? It is always important to review issues or concerns you may see like water puddling in your yard. Do you need additional gravel in your creek beds or do drains need to be cleaned out?  


With irrigation, remember it is still important to water your lawn until the first freeze. Review your water schedule and make sure you do not overwater in September and October. 

Replenish Mulch/Pine Straw

By now your mulch has faded and your pine straw has flattened. Plan on adding mulch and/or pine straw in early September to spruce up your yard and make flower colors pop. It is also important to insulate roots with the first freeze. 


Remember that taking care of your lawn is still just as important in the fall as it is in spring and summer. It has suffered during the July and August heatwave. So, continue to mow, water, weed, and fertilize. And, don’t forget fall aeration. 

Planting Trees

Planting trees during the fall help them establish root growth before winter.  Mid-August-Mid-October is considered an ideal time to plant. You want the soil to be above 50 degrees or higher when planting them. 

Planting Flowers

Perennials are fantastic to plant in the fall. From mums to Goldenrod, don’t let your yard miss out on the beautiful colors of Autumn. Here is a fantastic list of top Perennials you should be planting: 

HGTV Fall Perennials to Plant

Outdoor Living Space

Where are you going to enjoy all the beautiful splendors of the season? With the incredible weather that fall brings, you and your family need to be outside. Do you have space for relaxing with a glass of wine or planning Al Fresco dinners? 

Fire Pits

S’mores anyone?¬†¬†There is nothing better than relaxing by a fire on a chilly autumn night. There are many different ways you can install a fire pit in your backyard. Our Landscape Design Team can help you with options as well.

Outdoor Fire Pit

Outdoor Lighting 

Fall is a perfect time to have outdoor lighting done. And, low voltage lighting is beautiful during this time with the shorter days and changing leaves. The practical benefits of outdoor lighting can include the added safety and security of your property and family.