The LexisNexis Project Revealed

Good things come to those who wait, and for LexisNexis it was the completion of their newly landscaped Alpharetta campus. As we told you last month, LexisNexis needed an honest, reliable landscape partner to redesign a neglected space, plus fix long-standing irrigation issues. 

Facilities Manager Gregory Lance put his trust in our Plant Nerds and was delighted with the outcome. “…the Cumberland Landscaping Team took very good care of us. The property looks better than ever, and the campus employees have noticed the change as well.” Now when customers walk through campus or staff look out the window, they see a tranquil oasis that can be enjoyed all year long.

Go With The Flow

During the rainy season this area becomes a swampy mess, making it difficult to maintain the landscaping. Instead of fighting the natural flow of water, the Plant Nerds installed a dry creek to guide water away from the plants to the drain. Longleaf pine straw, with its interlocking needles, was installed to minimize erosion and insulate plants in the summer and winter.

Texture and Variety Create Movement

Once a dull, colorless space, this showcase area now boasts  textured mondo grass and pine straw that weaves through the landscape, hardy small anise trees that produce yellow flowers in late spring, and Bloom-A-Thon ® azaleas that flower five months of the year.

A Splash of Color  

When designing the entry to campus, the Plant Nerds kept the existing cast-iron plants and surrounded them with attractive rocks that lead the eye down the dry creek and improve soil drainage. They also replaced drab bushes with brilliant lavender azaleas to provide a pop of color as you walk the campus.

We had a six-figure landscaping project at our Alpharetta campus that Cumberland Landscaping was awarded. I was nervous given the size of the project, as it was the first time working with Cumberland Landscaping. These guys came in and did an awesome, stress-free job. The communication from start to finish was A1. From the design to installation, everything went smoothly. There was always a supervisor or VP on site ensuring everything was completed to the highest quality of work. 

—Gregory Lance, Facility Manager, LexisNexis