Budget planning? Leaf it to us.

Not again! It’s August, which means property managers all over Georgia are beginning to stress over preparing the budget. We know you’re probably sweating (not just from the summer heat), juggling business objectives, tenants, and staff… not to mention making everyone happy.

Allow us to check one item off your list for you. We’ve created a simple strategy to help you make the most of your landscaping budget while preserving your sanity. Here’s what we do:

Make a Plan 

First, we conduct a site walk-through and have a thorough conversation with you about your property. We ask a lot of questions: What worked out last year? What didn’t? What do you want to see from your landscaping? We’ll discuss seasonal colors, mulch, and possible enhancements for the property.

Maximize Your Funding

Once we understand your financial and aesthetic goals, we make recommendations based on your priorities. Let’s say one of your main projects is an enchanting entry-scape. We’ll advise how you can optimize your funds by focusing effort, making efficient trade-offs, and pruning back the edges—so you stay on budget and have gorgeous landscaping.

Get to Work

Your work here is done, so leaf the rest to us. Our team executes your plan to deliver on your goals, both short and long term. We show up on time, stay on schedule, and perform the work with honesty and integrity.

Stop sweating budget season and get started with Cumberland now.