Tree Work

Trees add aesthetic beauty and financial value to your landscape. Healthy, thriving trees improve your customers’ first impression of your business, offering shade and privacy while reducing noise pollution. With proper placement, trees can even lower your utility bills by reducing air conditioning costs in summer and your heating bills in winter.

At Cumberland Landscape Group, we provide a range of comprehensive tree services for your commercial property. Our expert team of arborists will work with you to design a tree service plan that meets your property’s unique needs.

Tree Pruning

All trees require pruning to look their best and promote growth. Regular tree trimming keeps your property looking manicured and well-kept. When allowed to grow unfettered, trees may become messy and unruly, growing into oversized or unattractive shapes. Pruning encourages healthy tree growth, improves fruit and flower production, and helps prevent disease.

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Our ornamental tree service includes regular inspections where we’ll check for any damage or disease, followed by necessary pruning or trimming. We’ll remove dead, diseased, broken or crossing branches; cut back any limbs or growth that impede walkways or parking areas; and ensure proper clearance around buildings and structures.

At Cumberland Landscape Group, we understand that pruning is an art and a science. That’s why we take both aesthetic considerations and pruning best practices into account, resulting in healthy, attractive trees that enhance your landscape.

Building Clearance

On a monthly basis, we’ll ensure that the ornamental trees on your property — such as crepe myrtles, redbuds, and dogwoods — offer at least ten feet of clearance between the lowest limb and the surface grade. We’ll also maintain clearance from buildings and other structures on your site as appropriate.

Our regular inspections mean that your walkways and parking areas remain unimpeded. Taking a preventative approach to tree maintenance before branches or roots cause damage can help you avoid costly repair bills in the future.

Tree Removal

Unattractive, overgrown, and damaged trees aren’t just an eyesore; they can also attract pests and harm other elements of your landscape. Branches and roots can even cause structural damage, threatening foundations, plumbing, sidewalks, and pavement. Cumberland Landscape Group can help.

Whether due to damage from pests, disease,  harsh weather, or overgrowth, sometimes tree removal is necessary. Let our tree service professionals safely remove unwanted trees from your landscape.