Painless landscape budgeting (yes, it exists).

The annual budgeting process has begun, yet it feels like you just finished the 2020 budget. You’re determining business objectives, meeting with staff and tenants, and figuring out how to address everyone’s needs. We know it’s a lot to juggle.  To help you make the most of your landscape budget, we’ve developed a simple strategy […]

5 signs your turf is in trouble.

Your Turf Is A Hot Mess—Here’s Why It’s summer in Atlanta—you don’t need reminding that it’s sweltering outside. You’re applying sunscreen, drinking lots of water, and keeping to the shade. But what about your grass? Your lawn may need special attention, too. Here are five signs your turf’s in trouble: 1. Weeds. Do you suddenly […]

Turf Care Wars: Whose Grass is Greener?

Keeping your grass green and beautiful can be an overwhelming task from deciding the type for your yard or how much you should water it. Turf care is vital in creating instant curb appeal. Below are some of our turf care tips so you can be the envy of the neighborhood: Zoysia or Bermuda Zoysia […]

Cumberland Cuts Your Grass, Not Corners

The growing season is in full swing—beautiful flowers, lush grasses, and dense-canopied trees. Your landscape needs to be maintained now more than ever, but is it?  Some landscapers don’t have the time or staff to complete the work they promised—visits become sporadic, the quality of work is subpar, or they completely disappear. Cumberland Landscape never […]

Patio Design Ideas

Pavers Pavers are a cost-effective option for your patio. Pavers are slabs and blocks made from a wide variety of materials. You can get very creative with pavers when it comes to the design of your patio. Pavers are low maintenance. Keep your paver patio clean with sweeping and soap and water. Flagstone Flagstone is […]

Steal these ideas from our Plant Nerds.

Dust Off Your Back-Seat Landscape Ideas  For the past several weeks, work has been far from normal. With COVID-19, you’ve had to field dozens of tenant questions, make quick decisions, and stay informed about local ordinances. It’s time for a break from all the stress and commotion—but you’re still on the clock, so what do […]

4 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy While You Work

Your day-to-day looks much different from what it did a few weeks ago. Your office mates are kids that need attention, your workspace is the kitchen table, and you’ve acquired a new job—homeschool teacher. Juggling the demands of home and work in this new world is challenging, so we’re here to help. Our Plant Nerds […]

Top 20 Backyard Trends of 2020

With our new social distancing world, backyards are becoming more important than ever. They are a place to escape your everyday routine and make memories with family. Below are our top 20 design trends of 2020 for the backyard: Contemporary and Transitional Design Less is more. Think simplicity in the form of function with your […]

Don’t miss out on a FREE landscape quality audit.

Our Plant Nerds Have You Covered Winter may have a stronghold on your property’s landscape, but soon spring will unleash blooming azaleas and lush green grasses—or will it? Now is the perfect time to schedule a FREE landscape quality audit to learn if your outdoor space is ready for spring.  When you meet with one of our […]

Why Winter Maintenance Is Important

It’s the dead of winter—at least by Atlanta’s standards—when trees are bare, leaves litter the ground, and ornamental grasses are in desperate need of a haircut. So, how do you prepare your landscaping to go from winter drab to spring fab? It all starts with winter maintenance. Winter pruning and cutbacks are crucial to plant […]