2023 Residential Landscaping Design Trends

With the housing market cooling, homeowners are investing more in their current homes when it comes to outdoor living. Not only does it increase your return on investment but it provides more space for relaxation and entertainment.

Below are our Top 2023 Residential Landscaping Design Trends:

Maximize Your Outdoor Space

This year it is all about extending your indoor space to your outdoors and no area of the yard is spared. Homeowners are even building out their side yards with fire pits and plunge pools. It is important to collaborate with a Landscape Design Specialist when planning out multiple projects for your backyard. Layout and drainage need to be taken into consideration, and you want to make sure your zones blend well with your softscaping. Also, adding elevation and flowerbeds softens the look of hardscaping.

Built-In Seating for Patios

Built-in bench seating is becoming very popular for patio and firepit areas. It is more durable than patio furniture and maximizes the space for more seating.

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Mix-and-Match Pavers

Variety is the spice of life! A top trend is adding interest by mixing up your pavers for walkways and patios. Not everything needs to be uniform when it comes to pattern, texture, and color. Also, incorporating flagstone into your paver design works as well.

“Homeowners are becoming more adventurous with color and texture. “While shades of gray are still dominant, warmer tones like browns and tans together with greens are adding depth and dimension.” – Joe Raboine, director of Residential Hardscapes at Belgard

Low-Maintenance Softscaping

You want to be able to enjoy your backyard and not stress about your grass or keeping your plants alive. When working with a Landscape Designer, they can help you make decisions on the best turf for your property and what plants to install, such as evergreens and drought-tolerant plants.

Outdoor Kitchens

A trend that never loses its popularity is the outdoor kitchen. Smokers and grills continue to be purchased for those summer BBQs and fall football games. Homeowners need a space designated for preparing and grilling in their backyard.