Has Your Landscaper Disappeared?

July marks the beginning of the growing season—and you need your landscaper to be responsive, attentive, and on the ball. Or at least show up.

The problem is, it’s the growing season for everyone, and landscaping contractors all over Atlanta are facing the challenges of labor shortages and overbooking. We call this “disappearing landscaper” season.

The disappearing landscaper is a tricky beast—not fulfilling contractual obligations, doing rushed or substandard work, and sometimes not turning up at all. It’s as if they just vanish.

Do you have a disappearing landscaper? Take the following quiz to find out:

1. Do crews arrive at their scheduled visit?
Do your contractors show up at the time you agreed upon? If bad weather occurs, do they follow up with you to reschedule, or do you have to hunt them down?

2. Are all services completed during each visit?
Does your crew finish every contracted service during each call? Many landscapers will surreptitiously invoice you while not deploying full crews. Cumberland Landscape Group employs teams capable of performing all one-off tasks and maintenance work.

3. Is your crew proactive about potential issues?
A good landscaping crew will notice points on your property that need attention and take care of them before you have to pick up the phone and ask. Your ideal landscaper will take as much pride in your property as you do.

4. Are regular property audits performed?
Your contractor should inspect your property periodically. They should honestly evaluate whether plants are thriving or failing, and then make changes based on this analysis. At Cumberland Landscape, we share a six-point assessment with our customers to keep ourselves accountable and our clients in the know.

5. Do projects have a clear scope, timeline, and budget?
Does your foreman make sure that expectations are clearly documented and signed off on before starting the work? Or are the contractors simply “winging it” after your initial conversation?

Did you answer “no” to one or more of these? If so, you have a disappearing landscaper.

It’s time to expect more for your property than broken commitments and mediocre work. At Cumberland Landscape, we always show up on time, ready to complete the job with a full crew, and constantly evaluate your property and our work. Book a consultation now and experience the difference.