Why Winter Maintenance Is Important

It’s the dead of winter—at least by Atlanta’s standards—when trees are bare, leaves litter the ground, and ornamental grasses are in desperate need of a haircut. So, how do you prepare your landscaping to go from winter drab to spring fab? It all starts with winter maintenance.

Winter pruning and cutbacks are crucial to plant health and aesthetics. But some landscapers cut corners. They skip this work, leaving your property unkept and at risk of losing expensive landscaping. We never skip winter maintenance—ever—and here’s why:

Plant Health
Severe weather weighs heavily on branches. As a result, they fracture, exposing the plant to deadly diseases or infections. When properly pruned, plants are not only rejuvenated to grow stronger, healthier limbs—but they’re also less likely to contract diseases. This work saves trees and your money.

Shrubs and ornamental grasses, typically used for privacy and pedestrian flow, become a safety hazard in the winter. When overgrown, they can turn into hiding places for unsavory characters and put people in danger. Also, overgrown trees block light from paths and parking lots, preventing visibility. By cutting back branches, you improve security and keep trees healthy—it’s a win-win.

Spring Renewal
Pruning for winter can turn a landscape bare, almost to nature’s birthday suit. But that’s a good thing. To make sure your trees sprout new branches, your shrubs grow uniformly, and your grasses grow feathery plumes, this dramatic trimming is a must. Once spring arrives, tenants will gush over the lush, tidy landscape you created.

Our Plant Nerds proactively complete your winter maintenance, so you don’t have to ask. That’s the Cumberland Landscape Group difference—customer-oriented, professional, and transparent.