Watering Lawns and Plants for Healthy Growth

Finding Efficiency with your Irrigation System

Atlanta summers have a lot to offer: hot days, scattered rain showers, sports, and beautiful landscapes. Amid the busy schedules of work, vacations, and enjoying the sunshine, it can be easy to forget the importance of watering your yard, garden, or plant bed. Consistent watering and monitoring of rain and weather is key to keeping your Atlanta lawn healthy and green.

Here are a few tips for keeping healthy lawn and garden:

  • When to Water Early in the morning is the best time to water plants and lawns to avoid harming them in the heat. Contrastingly to dispersing the water in heat and it quickly evaporating, the cool of the day allows the water to make its way throughout the plant. A sprinkler or drip system would be ideal for watering between midnight and 5am. The cool of the morning will produce the best results.
  • Don’t Overwater. Don’t Underwater.Take note of the weather. When rainfall takes place overnight or in the day, it impacts the amount of watering needed that day especially, but even that week.
  • Depth When it comes to grass and perennial care, seek to water the first 6” of soil. Watering perennials is a bit different, requiring up to 12” of water penetration to ensure healthy growth.
  • Roots and Soil When watering, be sure to avoid the stalks and leaves of the plant, instead watering the roots in the soil of the plant. When the leaves of a plant are watered it makes it much easier for the spread of disease. By keeping the leaves dry, one can lower the possibility of unhealthy plant growth.
  • Irrigation Management Adding rain sensors to your irrigation system will make it the most efficient and helps to avoid overwatering and water waste. Take the time to check the valves and heads of sprinkler and water systems to ensure that there are no broken heads or leaks, which is both wasteful and will lead to overwatering in areas.

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