Turf Care Wars: Whose Grass is Greener?

Keeping your grass green and beautiful can be an overwhelming task from deciding the type for your yard or how much you should water it. Turf care is vital in creating instant curb appeal.

Below are some of our turf care tips so you can be the envy of the neighborhood:

Zoysia or Bermuda

Zoysia or Bermuda is always the big debate when deciding what kind of grass would work best for your yard. Zoysia has the ability to withstand shady areas more and maintains its color throughout the fall, but Bermuda is tougher when it comes to an extended heat and drought. When installing new turf, rely on your Landscape Design and Maintenance team to help you with your decision.

Renovate Your Existing Lawn

If your grass is not looking its best right now, then topdressing and overseeding is the best way to renovate your lawn. And, now is the time to do it. For warm-season grasses, the best time is the early summer.

Below are reasons why you should be thinking about top-dressing your lawn from Plant for Success:

1.  Improves Soil- Topdressing adds nutrients to your lawn organically and improves drainage.

2.  Breaks Down Thatch-  The topdressing material helps to break down the thatch layer in your lawn.

3.  Levels Lawn-  If you have areas of your lawn that are bumpy top dressing is a great way to smooth out these areas.

4.  Helps Seed Germinate-  If overseeding your lawn, topdressing allows seed to make direct contact with soil which is best for germination.

5.  Helps In Renovating Distressed Lawn-  If there are bare spots in your lawn, or if your lawn is being crowded out by weeds, top dressing is your best bet for correcting soil conditions and incorporating new seed.

Topdressing is even more effective when done after core aerating.

Watering your Lawn

If you have new turf, you need to consider watering it twice a day for the first week and then 2-3 times a week. For existing lawns, it is ideal to water them about an inch per week. Also, make sure to always water at night or in the early morning.

Fertilizing your Lawn

Fertilizing your lawn can be a tricky task. It is best to rely on your Landscape Maintenance Team to ensure you get it right. If you fertilize too little, your grass will not grow lush and thick. And, if you over-fertilize you might cause fertilizer burn.

Remember that warm season grasses should be fertilized in early summer. So, now is the time to fertilize your yard.

Mowing and Weeding

As always, you need to make sure you are mowing your lawn at the proper height. Grass that is too short is more susceptible to weeds and drought/heat damage, and long grass is hard to mow.

Also, speaking of weeds! We know they can be a total nuisance. Your Landscape Maintenance Team can help with the removal. But, the best way to get rid of them for good is weed prevention by properly fertilizing, aerating, mowing, and watering your lawn.