Top 20 Backyard Trends of 2020

With our new social distancing world, backyards are becoming more important than ever. They are a place to escape your everyday routine and make memories with family.

Below are our top 20 design trends of 2020 for the backyard:

Contemporary and Transitional Design

Less is more. Think simplicity in the form of function with your outdoor living space.

Low maintenance gardens

Like your outdoor living space, keep your gardens simple as well. Consider drought-resistant plants and perennials that come back year after year. Also, mulch is a great choice for reducing weed growth and keeping the soil moist.

Low maintenance lawns

Zoysia and Bermuda are still great options for high-traffic areas. They are also both drought and heat resistant.

Including food in your gardens

Yes, growing some type of fruit or vegetable is a must in your garden. From tomatoes to blueberries, check out a list of fruits and veggies to grow in your garden.

Dual Functioning Plants

Consider plants that are not only beautiful but also serve another purpose. For instance, here is a list of 23 mosquito repellent plants to consider.

Pops of Color

In both commercial and residential landscape design, it is all about flowers with vibrant colors. Consider long-lasting perennials when planning out your flowerbeds.

Water Features

There is nothing more soothing than the sound of water. Consider a fountain or small waterfall for your patio or garden area.

Wildlife Enhancement

Bird watching anyone? Consider creating a space where you can enjoy observing wildlife in your own backyard. There are plants that attract butterflies and water features are great for frogs and birds.


Hardscape design is not going away anytime soon. Patios increase the value of your home. And, they are a low-maintenance option when it comes to adding extra space for entertaining.

Seat Walls

Seat walls are a fantastic way to add more seating to your patio area. They also enhance the look of the outdoor space.

Paver Walkways

Adding a walkway to your backyard not only makes walking the yard safer but creates visual interest.

Bringing Indoors to the Outdoors

From outdoor rugs to lamps, you can create a space that is a continuation of your indoor decor.

Fire Features.

From firepits to fireplaces, a fire feature in your backyard not only creates ambiance but keeps you warm on chilly nights.

Outdoor kitchens with a twist

Outdoor kitchens have been popular for a while now, but in 2020, consider upping the ante with cooking appliances. Seamless integration and state of the art culinary appliances create a sleek and modern look to your kitchen.

Blue is the color of 2020.

The Pantone color of the year is blue. Consider incorporating different blue hues in your outdoor furniture and even your garden. Blue is a tranquil and soothing color.

Metallic Finishes

Copper, gold, and silver metallic tones are in. Incorporate a little bling into your patio decor.

Planter Walls

Going vertical with your planting is a huge trend right now. Not only does it provide privacy, but also allows you to have a garden with limited space.

Secluded area

Create a private space in your backyard. A place where you can relax and reflect.

Creative Lighting

Lighting for your yard is a definite must. There are many new choices out there when it comes to LED and Solar.


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