Tips For Locating the Right Commercial Landscaper

Investing in a landscape upgrade for your commercial property brings many benefits. Whether your building apartments, retail businesses, or professional facilities, you should see an uptick in new tenant inquiries and retention of current renters. Residents, visitors, customers, and employees will enjoy the soothing beauty of nature as they go about their business.

With so much at stake, you want to hire the right commercial landscaping firm for your project. Use these tips to organize your search.

Research Possibilities

Every landscape project has limits dictated by space and funds, but keep an open mind during your research. Visit similar commercial properties and observe landscape designs. Involve your tenants and other stakeholders. The people who use your property can give you valuable insights.

Once you’ve done some research, write down a plan, listing identified needs and priorities. Draw up a budget for the project and don’t forget future maintenance costs for the new design. Use this list of needs and priorities to find the landscaper that is right for you. Use the internet to peruse commercial landscapers. Look at their websites, photos of their designs, and be sure to check online ratings and reviews. Utilize those around you, ask other property managers for recommendations.

Conduct Interviews

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of landscapers, contact each one for an appointment at your property. Share the needs and ideas you’ve identified and listen to their input carefully. Ask to see their portfolio so you can get an idea of what their finished products look like. Be sure to discuss your budget and ask them about their pricing. You may be intrigued by a company with significantly lower prices, but be careful, companies that offer way below standard pricing often produce poor results.

While discussing your ideas, remember to look for a good communicator. You want to work with a landscaper who listens and is enthusiastic about your project. A professional landscaper will have a better idea of what type of designs will work, but they should still be able to listen to what you want. They may not agree with all of your ideas, but make sure they are considering them and offering a solution you can agree on.

Finalizing Details

Before hiring anyone, make sure to finalize the details, including payment and frequency. You may have already discussed your budget, but it is important to know how their payment process works. Some companies will choose to send you an invoice, while others will want payment upfront. Make sure this detail is decided before any work begins.

Once your beautiful landscape has been designed, you will want to keep it that way. Here, at Cumberland Landscape Group, we offer routine maintenance that works with your needs. You can choose the schedule that works best for you, whether it be weekly, bi-weekly, or even a customized schedule for your landscape needs. Landscaping needs change as the seasons change, we will be sure to provide the right service at the right time for your property.

You will be able to eliminate some contenders on the basis of price, availability, or attitude. It usually comes down to several possibilities with good credentials, so go with your priority. It takes some effort to find the right landscape firm for your commercial property, but the final result makes it worthwhile.