Seasonal Changes – What Planting Season Means for Facilities Managers

Spring is most definitely in the air. That means it’s time to dust off the lawn mowers and hedge clippers and start fighting back against seasonal growth. Spring also means planting, and setting the stage for a color-filled summer. While regular maintenance is needed, spring offers landscapers the opportunity to use colors they can’t access year round. While keeping your plants in check is important during any season, Spring is your opportunity to shine, and by paying attention to a few seasonal tricks, we’ll have your landscaping looking better than ever.

Pine straw
Pine straw is an inexpensive way to give your landscaping a perfect manicured look without having to grow anything. While we advise spreading mulch once a year during the Winter so your property is ready for Spring, we recommend spreading pine straw at least twice a year, and full coverage during the early Spring is essential to year-round plant health. We provide both long-needle pine straw and short-needle pine straw, and would love to help figure out what the best option is for you and property.

Spring Flowers
Flowers are the best way to give your green spaces that springtime flare. We staff some of the best Floriculturists in Atlanta to provide the most beautiful accents of color for the Spring season. To find out more about our seasonal flowers offerings, give us a call at (404) 352-9393.

Many of our customers find that springtime landscape maintenance  requires more work than the winter months. At Cumberland, we suggest adjusting maintenance frequency to ensure your plants are getting the added attention they need during peak times.