Patios and Walkways

Ask anyone in the Atlanta Metro area why they enjoy living here and the majority would say “the weather.” After a short and wet winter, everybody moves outdoors. If your backyard is too shady or damp to maintain a lawn, then a patio transforms this once unusable space into a welcoming retreat. Our yards in Georgia are extensions of our homes, no matter the size, our backyards provide additional space for living, cooking, eating, and entertaining.

Several different materials are available if you are planning the installation of a patio. Your budget will play a significant part in your choice, but remember to choose a style that fits in with your entire landscape plan:


Flagstone is a natural product and its natural beauty makes it an elegant addition to your Southern home. The term “flagstone,” like the term “fieldstone,” is a generic term used to describe any type of stone that is relatively flat.

One thing to be aware of is that it is sometimes difficult to achieve a perfectly smooth floor surface. It is also among the most expensive materials to use. A more economical approach is the use of fractured pieces to create a mosaic look for less cost than whole flagstone pieces. We use the finest flagstone available to complement your residence.


In Atlanta, standard pavers are the most popular trend in backyard patios. Because pavers are individual units or “bricks,” the natural joints between each paver will “give” with pressure and expansion. A good paver that is professionally installed can last 15 to 20 years.

Paving Stones come in a wide variety of surface finishes, colors, and shapes that will complement and enhance the architectural style of any home. This choice is less expensive than natural stone but more expensive than concrete. Not sure about the shape and size? No problem. We will guide you in the design of the perfect outdoor living space.

Whether you are looking for a simple outdoor dining area or if you wish to create a backyard paradise, Cumberland Landscape Group can design and build the patio to fit your needs and budget.

Our highly trained staff encourages homeowners to get involved and be creative when planning their outdoor project. Every patio is designed keeping your individual requirements in mind, while at the same time offering you a low-maintenance alternative for outdoor enjoyment.