Outdoor kitchens

According to the Barbecue Industry of America (BIA), 84% of American families own grills, which translates into 74 million households. Today, those grills have become bigger and come with more bells and whistles so many Georgians are taking the art of grilling to a whole new level.

Convenient Outdoor Kitchens in Atlanta

Outdoor kitchens are part of the larger trend of outdoor living spaces. The smell of grilled food is mouth-watering and everything tastes a little better served outside. It’s hard not to have a good time – that is, unless you have to keep running back and forth between the grill and your house for the meat, utensils, pickles, drinks, etc. And when everybody is finished well then all the leftovers need to be dealt with.

When planning an outdoor kitchen, the best layout is created for functionality, keeping everything within arm’s reach to minimize steps. Cumberland Landscape Group designers are able to put all the components necessary to create a fully functional, yet stunning outdoor kitchen.

Once we have your specifications, we design your work area with colors and finishes to compliment your existing or planned decor. Cumberland Landscape Group’s outdoor kitchens are designed to comply with your local building and utility codes and our superior quality standards insure that you will enjoy your outdoor kitchen for many years to come. Schedule a complimentary Design Consultation with us to get started on your outdoor kitchen project.