Natural Boulders

Natural Boulders add a timeless four-season interest into a home landscaping plan. They are a symbol of timelessness, stability, and endurance. Here are three ways to incorporate them into your yard:


Boulders come in a variety of shapes, colors, and sizes. Most people think of boulders as large round stones, but they come in many shapes from flat to rectangular to triangular. Sizes can range from 100 pounds to a thousand pounds or more. A good place boulder gives topographical relief to a boring flat yard, forming a prominent and enduring vertical element. It will draw the eye and create interest on your property.

A natural boulder will last for generations to come and when “Mother Nature” sends us the worst conditions you can relax knowing that your investment is safe. It is important that your boulder is of an appropriate scale relative to your yard and home. If it is too big, it will draw attention away from the home, if it is too small, the eye will just pass right over it. Of course, the location and placement of a boulder require planning and vision. The landscape designers at Cumberland Landscape Group can guide you in the installation so as to make it look like your boulder has always been in just the right spot.


There are not many landscape applications that are as charming and useful as natural stone steps. Using natural stone steps has been around for hundreds of years. They are durable as well as versatile. Sometimes stone steps naturally occur in the wilderness, but if you are not lucky enough to have them on your property, you can definitely incorporate them.

Stone steps look less obtrusive than wooden steps on upland sites. Natural stone steps are generally used on slopes that tend to erode and this controls erosion. Well-made steps provide ease of use and safety; poorly made steps invite accidents and injury. We use the best materials ensuring your stone steps will be safe and durable for many years.


Every good garden needs a place for people to sit down and take in the beauty of their yard. While stone might not appear to be an obvious choice as a material for a bench, there are some real advantages, such as strength and permanence. A natural stone bench looks as heavy as it is which demonstrates that it is not going to move or fall and that provides a timeless elegance that is unequaled by any wood or metal bench. The best place for your stone bench would be an area that gets morning sun and afternoon shade. In such a site, the stone will become warm and dry early in the day and be cool and inviting later, when you want to escape the afternoon heat.

If you are considering installing a natural stone feature in your yard, the team at Cumberland Landscape Group has the experience and extensive selection of quality natural stone products to meet your specifications.