Irrigation Systems

In Atlanta, summers are hot and humid and this creates challenges for maintaining a healthy lawn.

Installing a lawn sprinkler system is not only convenient, it is automatic, thus assuring that your yard is irrigated on a regular schedule. If you want a lush and green lawn you have got to regulate the proper amount of water. A good portion of your summer water bill is used for irrigating turf grass. Most lawns are under-watered. You cannot depend on rainfall to keep your lawn healthy, since it usually doesn’t provide an adequate amount of water. Remember all those years of drought?

Atlanta Sprinkler System Experts

This is where Cumberland Landscape Group can help. We specialize in installing Rain Bird Irrigation Systems. Rain Bird is the world’s leading manufacturer of irrigation equipment; its products provide landscapers with the most water-efficient, durable, and diverse irrigation components.

The proper installation of Atlanta lawn sprinkler systems requires knowledge. Not simply the knowledge of how to piece together lengths of plumbing, but knowledge of water pressure and the rate of water flow. It requires knowing how to set up clocks/timers and rain sensors. Our employees understand and know how to make sure your lawn, shrubs, and flower beds get complete and efficient coverage.

To start, we will conduct an onsite inspection in order to determine soil conditions, water pressure, and planting materials. Our employee will provide you with the time to go over your options as well as your budget. Measurements of your yard will be taken to insure the system designed for you is specific to your lawn’s needs.

Your Irrigation Professionals in Atlanta

After the inspection, we will present you with a formal estimate. This estimate will be thorough and detail the various products recommended and the total price for material and labor.

When the job is finished we will leave your lawn and garden free of trash and debris. No need to worry about whether you’ll understand how to use your system. We will set up the controller system for you and instruct you on its use. Turning it on and off are the only things you’ll be required to understand. The controller will come with an owner’s manual, which you can consult if you ever wish to change your schedule.

Once your irrigation is installed you will never have to drag a hose across the lawn again, and never have to figure out if you have applied enough water. Because the system is automatic, you don’t have to be there to physically apply the water. You may even save money on your water bill by running a more efficient program. Attractive landscaping requires a substantial investment and careful maintenance. An automatic irrigation system will protect that investment by assuring healthier, longer-living plants and turf.