Your landscape is the first thing customers see when they visit your business. Keep it manicured and clean with our landscape maintenance services.

Commercial Landscape Maintenance

When a client visits your business, your landscaping is the first thing they see. A manicured, well-kept landscape makes the right first impression: professional, inviting and attractive.

At Cumberland Landscape Group, we understand that your landscaping reflects the quality of your business. We also understand that today’s property managers have a lot on their plate. That’s why we offer regular, seasonally-driven maintenance services that keep your property looking healthy and reflect your commitment to detail and professionalism.

Whether you’re responsible for an office building or industrial park, an HOA or apartments, retail centers or municipal buildings, Cumberland can help. We provide a schedule of regular maintenance services to keep your landscape looking great year-round.

Routine Landscape Maintenance

You can choose the schedule that works best for you. That may be 52 weekly visits, 44 weekly visits (bi-weekly in winter), bi-weekly, or a customized schedule for your specific landscape needs.

No matter what the season, we’ll provide the right service at the right time. Our routine landscape maintenance services include:

  • Turf mowing and edging. During the growing season, we’ll mow, trim and edge turf weekly, with a low mowing in spring to prevent thatch.
  • Turf care. Our turf care program includes up to five applications of fertilizer and weed control treatments per year.
  • Clean-up. Each visit includes removal of debris and trash, followed by clean-up with a mechanical blower or brooms.
  • Weed control. Through manual removal and herbicide application, we’ll keep your mulched areas, beds, tree rings and hardscapes(such as sidewalk seams, gutters, decks and patios) weed-free.
  • Shrubs and ground cover. Each week, we’ll inspect and hand-prune or shear shrubs and ground cover as needed to promote healthy growth. 
  • Trees. Each month, we’ll inspect and prune or trim ornamental trees to promote healthy growth and maintain clearances.
  • Leaf removal. Starting in September and continuing as needed, we’ll remove fallen leaves from the property

Optional Landscape Services

Along with our regular maintenance services, we offer the following optional services at an additional cost, if requested.

  • Core aeration and cool-season turf overseeding
  • Irrigation maintenance and repair
  • Seasonal color and additional flower changes
  • Mulch and straw application
  • Warm season turf aeration
  • Grub control
  • Overseedingand new turf establishment
  • Lime application
  • Sod installation
  • Retention and detention ponds

We’re here to keep your property looking welcoming, manicured and well-maintained! If you’d like to learn more about how our commercial landscape maintenance services can benefit your business, contact the Cumberland Landscape Group.​