Landscape Quality Audits: How Much Money are You Losing by Not Having the Right Landscaper?

Keeping a detailed budget is important for property managers to ensure that money is not wasted. As a property manager, are you aware of how your money is being spent? A landscape quality audit can determine how your money is being spent and whether you are receiving the quality of work you deserve.

What is a Landscape Quality Audit?

A quality audit is an evaluation of your property and its landscape. A team of professionals will walk through the grounds and assess the landscape work that has been done. During the walkthrough, they will make note of aspects that need to be updated or replaced, such as an old or broken sprinkler system. They will rate each aspect so you can see which areas are in good shape and which need improvement.

What is Included in a Quality Audit?

A quality audit will include several different factors, below are just a few you should be aware of.

  • Extra Costs: An audit will give you a full understanding of all the services you are paying for. Miscommunication happens, and you often end up paying for services with extra costs that you were not aware of.
  • Where to Cut Costs: An audit will outline the efficiency of the services provided. Understanding things such as excess water usage helps your budget and the environment. An audit will also give you a breakdown of what plants are being used, allowing you to decide if the price is necessary, or if they could be swapped for a similar, cheaper plant.
  • Recommendations for Change: The professionals will note what areas may benefit from a change or upgrade. These recommendations will often enhance your property overall.

Why Get a Landscape Quality Audit?

Once completed, you can see clearly where your money is going. This will help you determine whether or not you are using the right landscaping service. Your current landscaper could be charging you for things you don’t want, or even need. With a quality audit, you can determine where costs can be cut to give you the landscape you deserve, while keeping the plants and trees you love.  The Cumberland Landscape team understands how important your property is to you, and that you should be happy with your landscaping team.