A properly designed, and regularly maintained, irrigation system makes your life easier and keeps your landscape healthy.

Commercial Property Irrigation

A well-designed and well-maintained irrigation system does more than simply water your plants. Irrigation systems make your life easier by taking the guesswork out of watering, providing the right amount at the right time in the right place, enabling plants to thrive. Proper system design reduces overflow and run-off, reducing your water bill and creating less waste.

Irrigation systems help you effectively manage and utilize water resources, an important consideration during times of water restrictions or drought. From preparing your system for shut down (winterization) to performing diagnostics when it’s time to start up again in spring, Cumberland Landscape Group will ensure your irrigation is optimized for your needs.

Irrigation Installations

Water management plays a critical role in the health of your commercial landscape. The experts at Cumberland Landscape Group will work with you to determine your landscape’s specific needs, and design a customized irrigation system. We’ll install an irrigation system on your property that’s designed to keep your turf and plants looking healthy year-round, while reducing run-off and waste.

Our experts understand that different parts of your landscape have different water needs, based on plant type, sun exposure and more. We’ll design and install an irrigation system that is:

  • Sustainable and helps conserve water resources
  • Limits run-off to reduce erosion
  • Set up to promote proper drainage
  • Efficient and utilizes the right equipment
  • Designed specifically for your commercial property’s needs

Irrigation Maintenance

Irrigation systems require regular maintenance in order to work properly. Our irrigation maintenance services keep your system running smoothly, year-round. When cooler weather is on the way, we’ll perform shut down (winterization) services to prepare for the changing season. When spring rolls around again, we’ll perform a start up service to get your system up and running in time for warmer weather.

At any time of year, irrigation systems should be maintained and monitored for:

  • Leaks or seeping
  • Correct water pressure
  • Proper watering zone configuration
  • Efficient head distribution
  • Need for water-conserving devices
  • Proper drainage

Irrigation makes it easy to keep your property healthy and attractive. If you’d like to learn more about how our commercial property irrigation services can keep your business’s landscape green and thriving, contact the Cumberland Landscape Group.​