How To Improve Your Property’s Landscaping for Spring

As the temperature starts to get warmer, you want to be certain your commercial property’s landscape is ready for the change in weather. You should have maintained your lawn during the winter to keep it in good health, and now with the sun staying out longer each day, you’ll want to do the following to improve your property’s landscaping to impress potential customers.

Inspect the Irrigation System

It is easy to overlook the sprinkler system. Most people do not think about it until something goes wrong. Over the winter, it is possible something damaged the system, so you want an inspection before starting it up for the season. This is also a good time to adjust the settings, so the sprinklers come on exactly when you want them to and avoid coming on during your peak business time.

Bring in Mulch

Mulch is an essential component of any landscape. It comes in a variety of chip types and colors, so you can freshen up your property’s landscaping with a fresh batch. It offers numerous benefits to a yard. It provides the soil with essential nutrients to help keep it soft. Mulch is also great if you have a problem with weeds you want to fix. It will not eliminate weeds that are already there, but it will help prevent additional weeds from growing. Mulch also helps with water retention, which can help with your sprinkler bill.

Spruce Up Shrubs and Trees

People’s attention will automatically be drawn to any trees or shrubs you have on the property. You should take care of these structures when they become too unwieldy. Trim the tree branches often, especially if the branches get too close to your building or hang over the sidewalk. You also want to check the health of all the trees, so you can eliminate any that may have become diseased.