Don’t miss out on a FREE landscape quality audit.

Our Plant Nerds Have You Covered

Winter may have a stronghold on your property’s landscape, but soon spring will unleash blooming azaleas and lush green grasses—or will it? Now is the perfect time to schedule a FREE landscape quality audit to learn if your outdoor space is ready for spring. 

When you meet with one of our professional Plant Nerds, they’ll conduct a six-point assessment of your property. Their honest, transparent review will tell you where your landscape is thriving and failing. Here’s what our audit covers:

  1. Overall aesthetic: Edging, weed control, landscape debris, proper pruning.
  2. Turf Care: Health, density (bare spots), presence of fungi or pests.
  3. Trees and Shrubs: Disease and insect activity, consistent foliage, trunk health.
  4. Seasonal Color: Appearance of color, annuals pruned and neat within borders. 
  5. Irrigation Management: System properly covers property, controller is programmed correctly.
  6. Landscaper Effectiveness: Quality of work, completeness of work scope.

We know that maximizing your landscape budget is essential. Our Plant Nerd audit will give you recommendations and cost-effective tips to create a space that amazes and delights tenants all year long.