Power Washing

The way your business looks on the outside tells a story about what happens on the inside. When a potential customer approaches your business, the condition of the outside is the first thing they’ll notice… and an exterior that’s clean and inviting will welcome customers inside, making a positive first impression.

That’s where power washing comes in. Thanks to constant exposure to the elements, grime and dirt can build up on your building’s exterior over time, leaving it looking less than appealing. A professional power wash removes those layers of debris and stains, leaving your storefront, walkways, roofs, entrances, and parking areas sparkling clean.

Along with added curb appeal, power washing improves your property’s safety by removing harmful substances such as mold and mildew. Power washing also helps maintain your building’s structural integrity, saving you money on repairs.

Benefits of Power Washing

First, power washing boosts your property’s curb appeal. Why? It’s simple: A clean building is more appealing and more likely to attract customers. When a property’s exterior is well-maintained, potential customers are more likely to assume that the rest of the business is also handled with integrity and care.

But power washing offers more than simply a great first impression. Mold, moss, and mildew can accumulate on and around your building. Not only is this visually unappealing, but it can also impact your building’s safety, as well. If toxins leach into your building’s HVAC system, your employees and customers may experience ill effects, such as allergies or respiratory issues.

Power washing also helps maintain your property’s structural integrity. Over time, acidic buildup — such as that found in bird droppings — can accelerate decay on your building’s facade. Regular power washing keeps these destructive elements at bay, saving you money in repairs over the long run.

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How does Pressure Washing Work?

A professional power washer utilizes different levels of water pressure to gently, yet powerfully, wash away dirt, grime, droppings, and other harmful debris that builds up on exterior surfaces. The addition of heated water helps remove and prevent algae, moss, mold, and mildew growth, all without the use of harmful chemicals.

Regular power washing keeps your property looking tidy and well-maintained year-round. Power washing is especially effective as seasons change; for instance, a power wash can rid your building of spring pollen, summer dust, or fall leaf buildup.