Atlanta Grass Mowing Tips

Summer in Atlanta means different things to different people. For anyone who owns or manages a patch of grass in this fair city, that means mowing. We know – there are times where it feels like an uphill battle, and no, there are no special tricks or shortcuts you can take, but if you can educate yourself on different varieties of grasses and the overall benefits of regular mowing, you’ll be one step closer to that manicured look homeowners and building managers desire.

Looking Good

Regular lawn care serves a two-fold purpose, the first of which is obvious – it looks great. A properly cut lawn keeps the grass neat and even. It shows your neighbors and visitors that you take enough pride in the appearance of your green spaces to put in the energy needed to make everything look amazing, especially in a verdant city like Atlanta.

Sharing Your Resources

The second purpose has to do with the resources your grass needs to thrive. Basically, as your grass starts to grow, you may notice certain areas grow at different rates. Also, unsightly weeds may pop up sporadically. These varying growth types lead to the resources your whole lawn needs being diverted to different areas.

By slicing the growth down to a short and uniform level on a regular basis, all of the growth gets an equal distribution of resources. Mowing on a regular basis keeps your lawn more consistent, because all of the resources (sun, water, etc) are distributed evenly throughout your yard.

Fertilization Means Better Future Growth

Your goal is to have a healthy and consistent area of growth. When your grass is cut regularly, the best shoots will proliferate throughout your lawn, leaving you with fuller more consistent grass. More importantly, the newly fallen shoots of grass work to fertilize the lawn. Even if you’re collecting and disposing of your grass, the excess debris composts quickly, enlivening the soil and helping to give you a lawn you can be proud of – a lawn you and your tenants deserve.

While you are by all means capable of taking care of your lawn, there are lots of professionals who specialize in making your grass look picture perfect. For more information, feel free to call (404) 352-9393 anytime.