5 signs your turf is in trouble.

Your Turf Is A Hot Mess—Here’s Why

It’s summer in Atlanta—you don’t need reminding that it’s sweltering outside. You’re applying sunscreen, drinking lots of water, and keeping to the shade. But what about your grass? Your lawn may need special attention, too. Here are five signs your turf’s in trouble:

1. Weeds. Do you suddenly see weeds everywhere? Weeds thrive in heat while grass struggles. If the soil is compacted or your landscaper didn’t properly fertilize, watch out—you’ll have lots of unwanted visitors.
2. Color changes or bare spots. Chlorophyll makes turf the lush green color we associate with healthy lawns. However, when grass isn’t watered properly, chlorophyll isn’t produced and the blades lose their luster. Insect damage can also be responsible for colored or bare spots.
3. Grass is too short. Uneducated landscapers will cut grass short in summer. Turf should be kept taller during this time of year as it will grow deeper roots to reach moisture in the soil.
4. Curling or wilting. Grass can curl or wilt with excessive heat and thirst. A knowledgeable landscaper can determine the right amount of water for your turf, and the best time of day to give it.
5. Footprints. When turf begins to dry out it’s less resilient to stress. If your grass doesn’t bounce back after it’s been stepped on, it probably needs—you guessed it—more hydration.

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