4 Ideas to Keep Kids Busy While You Work

Your day-to-day looks much different from what it did a few weeks ago. Your office mates are kids that need attention, your workspace is the kitchen table, and you’ve acquired a new job—homeschool teacher. Juggling the demands of home and work in this new world is challenging, so we’re here to help. Our Plant Nerds have laid down their shovels and picked up their keyboards to find activities to occupy your kids while you work.

Nailed It!
Watch this hilarious Netflix reality show where novice home bakers attempt to recreate edible works of art. This unique 30-minute show is hosted by a comedian and expert baker.
Watch Nailed It!

Harry Potter at Home Hub
Cast off boredom with the magical world of Harry Potter. Kids can learn how to draw a Niffler, make their own Ravenclaw laces, and experience the enchantment of Hogwarts.
Explore the Home Hub

Peloton Family Classes
Boost your family’s physical and mental health with Peloton’s Fit Family Classes. Designed for ages 5 and up, these classes range from cardio to brain breaks to meditation. Extra bonus, the Peleton App is a 90-day free trial.
Get Moving

Scavenger Hunt
Searching for objects, colors, or letters is more fun when you’re on a hunt. Good Housekeeping created a list of 22 scavenger hunts to do in the house (or just outside of it) that are fun and educational.
Find a Scavenger Hunt

Laughter Is the Best Medicine

During these “unprecedented times” (yes, we’ve heard that phrase a thousand times too) self-care is important—even if it’s for 10 minutes. We love taking breaks to read memes about working from home with kids. These funny, relatable, and all-too-true snippets of daily life make us laugh and feel less alone.