Flowers & Mulch

We can provide a fresh planting of flowers for annual color, mulch or pine straw applications, help with drainage, and much more.

Additional Commercial Landscape Services

You know how important it is to keep your commercial property looking healthy, clean and well-maintained. After all, your landscape is key to your customers’ first impression of your business.

At Cumberland Landscape Group, we understand that landscaping plays a key role in your business’s image. Our additional services help you create a landscape that reflects your professional standards.

Flowers and Seasonal Color

There’s nothing like a bright splash of color to improve curb appeal. Our seasonal flower services give your flower beds an overhaul, adding a wide variety of beautiful color accents to your landscape.

Annual Spring Flowers. We’ll begin by preparing your existing flowerbeds for summer color. Then we’ll work with you to choose types and colors of flowers, and plant a variety of annuals: think begonias, coleus, duranta, impatiens, lantana, petunias, salvia, secretiaor, and more. We’ll fill your beds with color, finishing up no later the end of May  (weather conditions permitting, of course)

Annual Fall Flowers. Keep the colors fresh, even when summer is over, Starting in October, we’ll prepare your flower beds, then install your choice of cool-weather annuals. We’ll work with you to create an approved color scheme that’ll keep your landscape looking beautiful through the fall.

Pine Straw and Mulch

Pine straw and mulch keep your landscape looking manicured, reduces water consumption and helps your plants to thrive. We recommend twice-yearly pine straw applications, with a full coverage in late winter/early spring and a lighter application in fall, after autumn leaves have been cleared. We use both long-needle and short-needle pine straw. We’ll tuck it in during installation, and re-tuck throughout the year as needed.

We recommend applying mulch once a year, usually in winter, to maintain that well-kept appearance. Choose from variety of mulch options, including brown, red, black and natural.


Our drainage solutions help control water to reduce erosion, mitigate run-off  prevent damage. We’ll identify problem spots and install retaining walls, drainage flow wells, and optimize down spouts, piping and other tools to help solve drainage issues.

When it comes to those extra services that really make your property thrive, we’re here to help! Contact the Cumberland Landscape Group to learn more about our commercial landscaping services.