Steal these ideas from our Plant Nerds.

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April 15, 2020
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Cumberland Cuts Your Grass, Not Corners
June 10, 2020
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Steal these ideas from our Plant Nerds.

Plant ideas

Dust Off Your Back-Seat Landscape Ideas 

For the past several weeks, work has been far from normal. With COVID-19, you’ve had to field dozens of tenant questions, make quick decisions, and stay informed about local ordinances. It’s time for a break from all the stress and commotion—but you’re still on the clock, so what do you do? 

Our Plant Nerds recommend taking a few moments to browse landscaping ideas. Thinking about those back-burner rejuvenation projects is a great escape, plus it’s productive. As you search around, download images in a folder, or bookmark links for future reference. Then when you’re ready to start a project, we’re here to provide you the Cumberland Landscape experience—reliability, transparency, and honesty.  

Here are some ideas to get you started. 


Draw your tenants in with a beautiful, forward-facing display of plants and flowers. Designing an entrance that easily accommodates seasonal flowers gives your property a current, fresh look year after year. 

Water Features 

Trickle, blurb, or splash—the soothing sounds of water create a zen experience. Whether your space can fit a fountain or a pond, a water feature is an eye-catching, tranquil addition. 


Creating an intricate pathway or outdoor seating area for conversation and enjoyment is as functional as it is beautiful. It also reduces maintenance costs. 

Upcycle Materials 

After clearing trees on our customer’s property, we recycled wood to create an outdoor learning center. What could you upcycle on your property?


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